The important notice
Guests complete check-in procedures at Hotel Pacific Kanazawa (Google Map) which is our group hotel between 3 p.m. to 6 p.m after 11th Nov. 2019.

Following check-in procedures, our staff explain about the pass cord, facilities and precaution.
After check-in our staff guide guests to Kazueya by taxi. ( after 11th Nov. 2019 )
※ Depending on the guests’ arrival time, weather or traffic condition, taxi may not be available. ( after 11th Nov. 2019 )
※ In case you need more than three taxis, it will be charged for the third one or more. ( after 11th Nov. 2019 )


Travel is an opportunity to experience the extraordinary and unexpected.

Explore new places, connect with new people and soak in the culture. In order to fully absorb every facet of these experiences, we provide a lodging style that makes you feel as if you are living in this new environment rather than merely visiting it.
KAZUEYA is located in Kazuemachi Chayagai, one of Kanazawa's three traditional chayagai geisha districts in addition to Higashi Chayagai and Nishi Chayagai. Enjoy freedom of body and mind as you explore and relax in this traditional Kanazawa neighborhood, passing the time in a way not possible anywhere else.

Lay back on the sofa and lose yourself in a book, or sit on the veranda and enjoy viewing the Japanese garden. Relax, take a deep breath, and pass the time in a way that makes you happy.

You can use the mini kitchen to make simple dishes whenever you want. Try using local Kanazawa fish and vegetables to make some snacks to enjoy with sake, and warm your body with a few drinks as you pass the night in quiet luxury.

Two rooms await you at the top of the staircase: a bedroom and a six-mat Japanese-style tatami room. Awaken to the chirping of adorable, tiny birds as sunlight gently filters through the shoji paper window screens, and enjoy the deep sense of happiness these bring first thing in the morning. The six-tatami-mat Japanese-style room can be used as a bedroom or for a wide variety of other purposes — for recreation, relaxation or anything else your heart desires.


The following amenities, equipment and facilities are available to lodging guests at KAZUEYA. One bath towel and one face towel are provided for each guest.

Enjoying Your Stay

Enjoying Your Time at KAZUEYA and Visiting Nearby Sightseeing Spots Explore Kanazawa on Foot

The Kazuemachi Chayagai geisha district comprises a small group of 30 houses and buildings situated along the Asano River, which cuts through Kanazawa from south to north. This neighborhood, filled with red-latticed townhouses and stone-paved roads, has an elegant appearance during the day and offers a refined, graceful atmosphere at night. Use all five senses to enjoy the sounds of shamisen from the kenban geisha agent's office, the scents of perfume wafting in from unseen places, and other local charms as you stroll through Kazuemachi.
In addition to seeing famous spots such as Nakanohashi Bridge and Kuragari-zaka Alley, you can dine on delicious food and drinks at a long-standing nabe (hot pot) restaurant, a lively wine bar and other such establishments, or soak in the baths at Kuwana-yu on the opposite bank. We also recommend taking the short, 10-minute walk from Kazuemachi to the Omicho Market, where you can buy various foods and ingredients.

  • Asano River・Nakano-Hashi-Bridge
  • Kyoukanomichi
  • Kazue-machi Chaya District
  • Rinsensan Genpouin
  • Kuragarisaka
  • Akarisaka
  • Kazue-machi Chaya District
  • Higashi Chaya District
  • Night view from Asanogawa


Geisha District KAZUEYA | 3-14, Kazuemachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa, 920-0908, Japan [Kazue-machi Chaya District]
  • Take the bus from bus terminal 7 at Kanazawa Station East Exit→Get off at the nearest stop (Hashibacho) → Walk for approximately 2minutes
  • Approximately 10minutes by taxi from Kanazawa Station East Exit taxi rank
  • Approximately 20minutes by car from Kanazawa West Interchange
    *There is no parking lot in that hotel (Please use the nearby coin parking space)
  • Approximately 40minutes by car from Komatsu Airport
  • Take the bus from terminal [] at kanazawa Station East Exit → Get off at the nearest stop (Musashigatsuji・Ohmicho) → Walk for approximately 4minutes.
  • Approximately 8minutes by taxi from Kanazawa Station East Exit taxi rank.
  • Approximately 17minutes by car from Kanazawa West Interchange.
    ※Please park in front of Hotel Pacific Kanazawa temporarily and let us know. After check-in, our staff show you the nearby pay parking.
  • Approximately 40minutes by car from Komatsu Airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please tell me how to make a reservation.
We accept reservations from 6months in advance.
Reservations from here

For reservations after 6months, please e-mail or call Hotel Pacific Kanazawa.
Hotel pacific Kanazawa
Please tell me about the tax and service charge.
The price is 10% consumption tax and service charge included.
Apart from that, we will charge Kanazawa city accommodation tax (Please pay when you check-in).
reference material (PDF): Introduction of Kanazawa City Accommodation tax
Please tell me the cancellation policy.
Cancellation charge will be charged as follows.
No-show / Non-arrival without prior notice-100% of room charge
The day of staying-100% of room charge
During 7 days before of staying-50% of room charge
Is it possible to change the number of people after making a reservation?
The number of people can be changed 3 days in advance.
Changes after payment is completed will be settled on the staying day.
How do I check in?
Please complete check-in procedures at Hotel Pacific Kanazawa between 15:00 and 18:00.
Our staff inform you check-in procedures, pick-up service to KAZUEYA, recommended sightseeing spots and restaurants.
Is it possible to check my luggage at KAZUEYA prior to check-in?
Luggage can be checked at Hotel Pacific Kanazawa.
What are the check-in and check-out times?
Please check in from 15:00 and check out by 11:00.
The time cannot be extended unless the special circumstance.
Since the housekeeping staff will enter the room from 11:00, please punctually complete check-out.
We are going to stay with children. Can we sleep in the same beds?
Children under 6 years old can sleep in the same beds, but no additional amenities.
Children over the age of 7 are charged the same as adults.
Is there a place for us to do our laundry?
There is a laundromat within a 3-minute walk from KAZUEYA.
When staying for consecutive nights, will our room be cleaned by housekeeping staff?
Housekeeping service will be provided on the 3rd day for guests who stay 4 nights or longer. Please note that we do not provide this service for guests staying 3 nights or less.
Do you have pajamas?
We have original pajamas for the number of people.
Could you tell me where the bedrooms are?
Bedrooms and the rooms with futons are on the second floor.
Is it possible to stay with our pets?
We are afraid, but pets are not allowed.
What kind of kitchen supplies do you have?
There is tableware for the number of people.
Is there a convenience store or a supermarket near KAZUEYA?
There is a convenience store a 6-minute walk from KAZUEYA.
The Omicho market known as “the Kitchen of Kanazawa” can be reached in about 10 minutes on foot.
Does this accommodation come with travel amenities and towels?
Available for the number of people.
Please check the page of rooms for details.
Is a smoking area available?
The Kazuemachi Chayagai neighborhood is designated as a preservation district for important, traditional buildings. In order to prevent fires in the district as well as the spread of fires originating from the district, all Kazuemachi Chayagai buildings and surrounding areas are non-smoking zones.
Is it okay to be noisy in the room?
KAZUEYA is in a place where you can relax with local life, and it is contiguous to your neighbor. We’re very sorry, but we would appreciate it if you could consider the loudness of speaking voices in the alley and the room.
Who should I contact if there is an emergency or any troubles?
If there are some problems, please contact Hotel Pacific Kanazawa. In case of emergency, press the emergency button. ALSOK security guards, will be dispatched immediately.
QIs parking available?
No dedicate parking spot is available at KAZUEYA. A pay parking lot is located nearby.
Kazuemachi parking
Google MAP
2-1-10 Kazuemachi Kanazawa Ishikawa

Pacific Park Higashiyama
Google MAP
3-3-116 Higashiyama Kanazawa Ishikawa